Emergent artist Giordano Di Fiore, born in Milan, 1974, starts painting in 2015, totally self-taught.
His involvement in arts begins with music: since many years, realized some authoral LPs, plays guitar and percussions in many projects, and he’s a radio speaker and author.
About painting, his special research is on “deconstruction”. It means to change art perspective and temporal sequence. As usually a paint is the final act of a creative path, in this case artist starts operating on precedent figurative workings, and deconstruct them.
It’s a poetical trial to find the truth of those working, the real essence.
With a closer outlook, you could see i.e. a face, a figure, now distorted, deformed.
The use of stuff, of concrete matter exhalts this process of going back to the roots of the working.

Group Exhibitions:
Combinazioni, l’Essenza della Materia, Spazio Moderno, Arona
Metamorfosi, Spazio Porpora, Milano
Arte & Collezionismo, Florence, Mentana Art Gallery
Solo Exhibitions:
Spazio REV, Milano
Art Passage, Milano